Sen. Kerry Introduces Senate Climate Bill

A comprehensive climate bill written purely for you and me — true believers — can’t pass the Senate no matter how hard or passionately I fight on it. No, it’s got to be an effort that makes my colleagues — and that has to include Republicans so we can get to 60 — comfortable about the jobs we’re going to create and the protection for consumers and the national security benefits — and it has to address those pieces on their terms. The good news: I think we got that balance right.

– Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), writing for Grist, on the American Power Act, introduced with Sen. Joe Lieberman (Assclown -CT) this morning. 

And much like the healthcare insurance reform bill that just passed, this energy bill isn’t perfect.  But you can’t wait for perfect in American politics.  You just need to keep building bill by bill. 

ClimateProgress has a nice chart comparing the Senate and House climate bills here.

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