Senator Harry Reid’s Shit Storm

Remember when Barack Obama and the Democrats swept to power back in November of 2008 and a lot of people were like, yay we did it! 

And a few others were pretty surly about the whole affair and then FOX News was like,  but wait, he’s a black Nazi socialist who’s going to bring down the country? 

That seems so long ago, especially in the wake of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s racist comments.  I mean, I expected something like this to happen eventually; but from a Republican.  This morning it seems all anyone can talk about is “light-skinned” and “no Negro dialect.”

Reid’s comments came to light in a new book by Atlantic Reporters Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, called Game Change.  Michiko Kakutani, in her review of the book in the New York Times, cuts to the chase by asking: “Why another book on the 2008 campaign, a year after the inauguration of President Obama? What more is there to say about a race that was covered day in and day out by newspapers, magazines, television, radio and bloggers? Is there anything more to learn about the candidates – and does it matter to an American public now focused on unemployment and health care and terrorism?”

Of course, no one seems to care about anything other than Harry Reid’s salacious comments. 

Just don’t expect this to generate an honest to god conversation about race in America (which, by the way, hasn’t magically gotten any better or worse since the election of Barack Obama in 2008), as Republican’s have resorted to saying, Reid’s comments are on the same level as Trent Lott’s 2002 remarks about segregation being a good thing and Democrats shrugging this off as no big deal.

Reid has always struck me as the aloof uncle, whom no one in the family is sure how in the hell he got his high paying job to begin with.  He doesn’t seem particularly bright or saavy. 

You can read about it in The Atlantic or ABC News or Politico or just about anywhere else you look online this morning.

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