Shitty Police Work


What bothers me about this LAist story of a family of four being wrongly pulled over by the police on the 405 freeway is that the cops ran their license plate without probable cause, determined the car was “stolen”, pulled the entire family out of the van, handcuffed them and took them into questioning and then realized the license plate had been swapped without the family knowing.

All of that aside, it amazes me that the KTLA news chopper was their to cover the “bust” from the get go, which means the LAPD called the news to congratulate themselves without ever fully comprehending the situation.

It’s unfortunate that as a society we’ve slowly allowed police, as a societal institution, to be above the law instead of being dilligent to hold them to a higher standard of the law.

What happened in this story should never be permissable or excused.

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