Space Shuttle Atlantis makes Final Landing

This is a good claim to fame for someone, to be the commander or pilot for the final mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis:

Taking over manual control 50,000 feet above the Florida spaceport, Capt. Kenneth T. Ham of the Navy, the commander, guided the 105-ton space plane through a sweeping right overhead turn before a steep descent to Runway 33.

Just shy of the runway threshold, Captain Ham pulled the shuttle’s nose up, Cmdr. Dominic A. Antonelli of the Navy, the pilot, deployed the ship’s landing gear and Atlantis swooped to a picture-perfect touchdown at 8:48 a.m. Eastern time.

“Houston, Atlantis, we have wheels stopped,” Captain Ham radioed a few moments later as the shuttle coasted to a stop on the runway centerline.

And with that, NASA has retired the Space Shuttle program after 25-years, 32 missions, 130 flights and 120 million miles traveled.

With the retirement of Atlantis, there remains only Endeavor and Discovery as the final two Space Shuttles.

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