Stray Links for the Day

Oof, there’s so much good stuff on the internet today, it’s getting difficult to keep up.  Here’s a few things we’ve been looking at.

1) Lifehacker recommends this site for easily downloading and converting youtube videos.  I’ve never been able to find an easy place to download video or even separate the audio files for YouTube videos.  Seems promising.

2) Mozilla, the group behind Firefox, is working on a web app store of their own.  Definitely indicative of where the web will be heading in the coming months/years.

3) Apple unveiled OS X Lion today, among a few other things related to Macs, and the new operating system provides the laptop computer with a more iPad-like feel.  Interesting.

4) The insane awkwardness of average people posing with the ravishing Summer Glau from Firefly and Terminator: SCC fame is strange enough to occupy anyone for the rest of their day.  [via @videogum]

5) It began at 1 p.m. est and goes for 24 straight hours.  What is it?  Well, that would be the Coco Cam, which brings you non-stop behind-the-scenes of Conan O’Brien’s headquarters.

6) The bickering between television stations and cable companies is about to spill over to the internet.  This won’t bode well for anyone involved.

7) Wait, what?  Did you know that U.S. senators, representatives and congressional staffers are permitted to engage in insider trading?!? That’s some fucked up shit right there.

8) Pixar was about to have its first female director, but instead, she’s been axed and another dude has stepped in.  The movie, Brave, was about a Scottish princess who pursues a life of archery.

(Also? Why the fuck is WordPress turning my eight/parenthetical into a fucking emoticon?)

9) Relatedly, the Cars 2 trailer has dropped.  Now would be the right time to admit that Cars is the only Pixar movie I haven’t seen.

10) How to Pick Up a Hipster Girl

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