Terry Pratchett to Test UK’s Suicide Law

Sad news: “The author, who has Alzheimer’s, says he wants a tribunal set up to help those with incurable diseases end their lives with help from doctors.”

We’ve known fro awhile now that Pratchett suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, and has long been a propent of assisted suicide.  But to hear him say he would like to be a test case for a hypothetical tribunal is a bit difficult to swallow. 

“At the moment if someone assists someone else to commit suicide in this country or elsewhere they become suspect to murder until the police decide otherwise,” he told the BBC.  “It seems sensible to me that we should look to the medical profession, that over the centuries has helped us to live longer and healthier lives, to help us die peacefully among our loved ones in our own home without a long stay in God’s waiting room.” 

Usually, for these sort of things to change for the better, it takes someone with Pratchett’s stature to get the ball rolling.

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