Texas’s Priorities

As a one of the few flaming liberals in America who thinks the second amendment is both important and necessary (aside from hunting and defending property, I’ll vociferously make the argument that if the state can defend their interests with an armed militia or police force, then citizens also have the same right), even without the intention to ever own or shoot a firearm, I’m still scratching my head over the recent developments in Texas regarding stimulous money.

“El Paso City Council did the right thing Tuesday when it approved spending $773,000 in federal stimulus money to buy 1,145 M-4 rifles,” opined the El Paso Times editorial board this week. “Police have to be ready for anything these days, from a Columbine-like school shooting to a terrorist attack.”

And, “Texas won’t compete for up to $700 million in federal stimulus money for education because the program ‘smacks of a federal takeover of our public schools,’ Republican Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday.

Firearms are important, but never at the expense of, you know, educating your citizens.  Stupid, just stupid.  [via]

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