The Conundrum of Sarah Palin

Conservative columnist David Brooks wishes she would just go away.  His attitude, that is dissmissive of Pain on one hand and overly optimistic of a GOP that doesn’t really exist on the other, misses the boat, according to Andrew Sullivan. 

Sullivan understands the appeals of Palin for many people.  “Her appeal is visceral not rational. And if modern post-Nixon Republicanism has always had a thread of class resentment sustaining it, Palin concentrates it into a heady brew. If Nixon was cocaine for the resentful psyche, Palin is meth,” he writes. 

Palin is meth. 

That’s about the truest sentiment anyone has uttered about the half-term former Alaskan governor.  I think most people suspect she is bad news but they can’t resist her.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens when she plays in the big leagues with everyone gunning at her.

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