The Joy of Stats

This is Hans Rosling, who’s also given a TED talk about a similar topic.  One thing that becomes clear while watching the visualization of life expectancy versus wealth and development is that the world is getting better.  It is.  We often don’t think so, but it’s clear.  At some point, people will have to change their mindsets that we’re all in this shit together.  I know it’s idealistic, but if people came together we could bring even the most destitute countries up the chain.

My second thought is how “terrorism” and developed nations plays into his data sets.  Is their a correlation?

And now a bit about those data visualizations: “Rosling developed the breakthrough software behind his visualizations through his nonprofit Gapminder, founded with his son and daughter-in-law. The free software — which can be loaded with any data — was purchased by Google in March 2007.”

The above is actually a preview for his show, The Joy of Stats, which will premiere on BBC Four on December 7.

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