The Modern Silk Road

Point: China has plans to build a 17-country trans-continental high speed rail line

If completed it will link England to China (London to Beijing in two-days, oh my!) via Russia and the Middle East and eventual end in Southeast Asia.  In exchange for funding this entire project, participating countries would provide China with natural resources or other commodities. 

The benefits to China would immeasurable, essentially positioning itself as a caretaker to participating countries and ensuring it’s global dominance as the only true competitor to the United States.  It would connect countries to the modern world that currently aren’t. 

Counterpoint: The reality of this ever happening is very very unlikely. 

Still, as an American, I feel a bit ashamed that China is at least thinking on this huge, global scale and our country can’t even get high speed railways built, never mind undertaking a project spanning Canada and Mexico.

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