The Promise of Reform

Nick Clegg, England’s new Deputy Prime Minister (as part of the Tory-Lib Dem coalition), plans to unveil a promise to enact sweeping changes to the country’s power structure.  This is a huge redistribution of power and could potentially roll back England’s slow descent into a police state.

He will announce plans to consult the public on which laws should be scrapped. Promising to “tear through the statute book”, he will attack Labour for creating thousands of criminal offences which took away people’s freedom without making the streets safe. 

“Obsessive lawmaking simply makes criminals out of ordinary people. So we’ll get rid of the unnecessary laws and once they’re gone, they won’t come back. We will introduce a mechanism to block pointless new criminal offences,” he will say. 

Raising the coalition’s sights, the Deputy Prime Minister will say: “I have spent my whole political life fighting to open up politics. So let me make one thing very clear: this government is going to be unlike any other. 

“This government is going to transform our politics so the state has far less control over you, and you have far more control over the state. This government is going to break up concentrations of power and hand power back to people, because that is how we build a society that is fair. This government is going to persuade you to put your faith in politics once again.”

 To which we say, the reality is often far from the promise.  So good luck Mr. Clegg.

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