Tooth Regeneration

The gel or thin film contains a peptide known as MSH, or melanocyte-stimulating hormone. Previous experiments, reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that MSH encourages bone regeneration.

Bone and teeth are fairly similar, so the French scientists reasoned that if the MSH were applied to teeth, it should help healing as well.

To test their theory, the French scientists applied either a film or gel, both of which contained MSH, to cavity-filled mice teeth. After about one month, the cavities had disappeared, said Benkirane-Jessel.

Scientists have developed a gel that rebuilds teeth, that could replace drilling & filling as the treatment of choice for cavities.  Either way, this seems like one of those “no big deal” but incredibly amazing developments that could change life for people.  Like eye glasses or World cup soccer.  It’s also something that should’ve been invented 20 years ago, no? It’s just a peptide!  [via]

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