Utah’s Gun Permit

Utah’s gun permit is recognized in 32 different states, allows non-residents to apply for it, costs $62.525 for the initial five year permit ($10 to renew) and is now the most sought-after gun permit in America

As more people have turned to Utah for permits, the demand for instructors who teach Utah’s gun safety class in other states has increased. Of the 1,097 instructors certified by Utah, 706 are in other states. Advertisements for classes held throughout the country appear widely on the Internet.

Another source of contention is that the class does not require any actual shooting. One could conceivably obtain a Utah permit without ever having fired a gun. Nevada and New Mexico recently stopped honoring Utah permits because the class does not meet its live-fire requirements.

“Residents of other states should be aware that people who have a Utah concealed-weapon permit may not have actually fired a weapon,” said Dee Rowland, chairwoman of the Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah. “I think that would be quite shocking to members of the public.”

Supporters of Utah’s policy counter that the state’s 50-page curriculum on gun safety, and background checks that are updated every 24 hours, ensure that the system is safe.

“We teach passive defense in Utah,” said State Representative Curtis Oda, a Republican from Clearfield.

Fairly interesting.  I just assumed a permit only worked for the state, but with a few tighter restrictions this isn’t that terrible of an idea.  I can honestly say, though, after shooting guns for the first time in Las Vegas, that if you’re going to carry a concealed hand-gun, or have one for self-defense, you better damn well practice live fire.

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