Vaccines and Autism, or How One Doesn’t Cause the Other

Maybe this will be the final word on the cause and effect, well the lack thereof, between vaccines and autism.  And maybe we’ll learn a lesson — you can trust science or you can trust a former Playboy model who used to date Jim Carrey and host Singled Out on MTV.

As they say, the choice is always yours. But Jason offers some good advice, “So get your kids (and yourselves) vaccinated and save them & their playmates from this whooping cough bullshit, which is actually killing actual kids and not, you know, magically infecting them with autism. Vaccination is one of the greatest human discoveries ever — yes, Kanye, OF ALL TIME — has saved countless lives, and has made countless more lives significantly better. So: Buck. Up.”

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  • Jennifer September 19, 2010, 5:59 am

    Regardless of cause, there are children and families who need help now. I like what Brain Balance – – has to say about the issue – that all neurobehavioral disorders have in common an underlying condition called functional disconnection syndrome. Through diet, behavior modification, exercises that repair the disconnection, you can reduce or eliminate symptoms. While their site doesn't really talk cause (pesticides, etc.) it is worth a read, particularly the "truth" section.

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