Wikileaks is Boring

Interesting assessment from Robin Sloan on Wikileaks’s organizational structure and their process:

But there’s more to the modern web than gigabytes, and I think the truly transformative transparency project would be something that was actually distributed and participatory. This is why I continue to be much more enthralled by stuff like Anonymous, which seems to me much more of-the-moment and, frankly, hard to understand. That’s a good thing. I mean, any time the media has a tough time telling a story about something, you know it must be truly new. Wikileaks is an easy story, made for front pages—and for me, that means it’s a pretty boring story as well.

Now, I’m just talking about Wikileaks-as-organization and Wikileaks-as-process here. The good news is thatwithin the leaks, there are plenty of great stories, and breathtakingly modern ones, too. Take it away, Cablegate Chronicles.

I’m not sure how Wikileaks could function differently, but it’s still an interesting thought.

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