Wikileaks: “We Will Keep Publishing Documents”

“I can assure you that we will keep publishing documents – that’s what we do,” a WikiLeaks spokesman, who says he goes by the name Daniel Schmitt in order to protect his identity, told The Associated Press in an interview Saturday.

Schmitt said he could not comment on any specific documents but asserted that the publication of classified documents about the Afghanistan war directly contributed to the public’s understanding of the conflict.

“Knowledge about ongoing issues like the war in Afghanistan is the only way to help create something like safety,” Schmitt said. “Hopefully with this understanding, public scrutiny will then influence governments to develop better politics.”

He rejected allegations that the group’s publication of leaked U.S. government documents was a threat to America’s national security or put lives at risk.

“For this reason, we conveyed a request to the White House prior to the publication, asking that the International Security Assistance Force provide us with reviewers,” Schmitt said. “That request remains open. However, the Pentagon has stated that it is not interested in ‘harm minimization’ and has not contacted us, directly, or indirectly to discuss this offer.”

It’d be nice to see them balance the public’s need for information, which is crucial to keeping the government honest, with not putting US military personnel in danger.  Are those two things mutually exclusive from one another?

The flip side to this is the thought I had earlier that if the Watergate investigation happened today, it would be Wikileaks that Deepthroat would approach and not two WaPo journalists.

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