Windows Phone 7

The name sucks for sure, and if Gizmodo is to be believe (which they aren’t because they blow their load on seemingly everything [Android will change everything! Windows Phone 7 is the greatest! The iPhone you can’t live without! etc. etc. etc.]), then you might be interested to learn that Windows Phone 7 Series is “the most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone.” Ugh.

Engadget has a more practical look at the new mobile software that was unveiled in Barcelona, and they too were impressed with it.

“It’s hard to believe that just a year ago this company was showing off WM 6.5, which now looks ages behind what they’ve turned around with today,” writes Joshua Topolsky.  “We’re not sure if someone was just let off the leash or if we’re seeing a newer, smarter, more agile Microsoft, but the 7 Series concept definitely shows that this company is learning from its mistakes.”

Regardless, it’s nice to see Microsoft evolving a bit, doing something different, dusting the cobwebs off and getting into the game.  Just about everyone I know loves Windows 7, so maybe with Windows 8 we’ll see a tighter integration between their new mobile software and their desktop OS and the Xbox.  It’s weird to think that maybe Microsoft could pull it all together in the same way that Apple has.

This is actually very reminiscent of the Zune HD, which I had a chance to use the other day and quite liked.  It’s different than an iPod, in a good way.  It feels more playful.

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