Andrew Sullivan Leaving The Atlantic

Andrew Sullivan, the tireless political blogger behind the decade old Daily Dish is moving on from his home of four years, The Atlantic, for the warm embrace of The Daily Beast/Newsweek.

Money, which is usually the motivation behind such moves, was not announced by either Sullivan or Tina Brown (on behalf of The Daily Beast), but it must have been quite a bit to pry him from The Atlantic.

“We remain committed to the same principles from the very beginning: in no-one’s ideological grip, in search of the truth through data and open, honest debate, in love with the new media’s variety and immediacy, committed to accountability and empiricism and resistant to any single category of subject or form. I have no idea where we’ll end up or what the future will bring. But that’s been true for a decade. What I do know is that the Dish is immensely lucky to have this new home, a new challenge, and these new partners,” Sullivan wrote.

There’s also no indication how this will affect The Atlantic and their soon-to-be gaping hole once Andrew Sullivan officially departs. Though, when Sullivan has gone on vacation, The Daily Dish did just admirably with Connor Friesdorf (?), etc.


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