Anonymous to the 99%

This is like something out of a sci-fi movie. That probably has a lot to do with the Batman soundtrack playing underneath Anonymous’ message. It’s strange but it feels like the OWS movement is starting to gain stream.

Especially when you read things like GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt saying to 60 Minutes: “I think we should have basically the same tax policy that Germany, Japan, the UK, everybody else has, which is a tax rate in the mid-20s and no loopholes. Zero. The US has the most antiquated tax system. And that means some people are going to pay more taxes, and some people are going to pay less.”

And the CEO of Starbucks began a campaign to urge “his fellow bosses to stop donating money to politicians until Congress starts sorting out America’s economic problems, especially its alarming deficit.”

That’s not to say the protests are working, but the notion of protests for the regulation and fair taxation of multi-national corporations operating within America is powerful.

[Thanks, Ben!]

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