Asus to Build PCs Inside Their Shipping Boxes

Most manufacturers haven’t figured out a decent way to package their goods so they ship safely, but simultaneously use the barest minimum packaging. I recently ordered a paring knife from Amazon, and it was shipped in a box one might easily describe as big, filled with bubble wrapping and all sorts of accoutrement for a friggin’ pairing knife.

Computer companies are notorious for this. But better to be safe than sorry, one supposes. Asus, is looking to change this equation by shipping their motherboards and having the shipping box double as the computer’s chassis. Which, sure, it’s an environmentally friendly idea, but kind of insane considering cardboard is flammable and computers generate a shit ton of heat.

Customers will have the option of using the cardboard to finish their DIY model, or they can take out the motherboard and put it into a typical chassis.

According to Asus, the case is is good for about a year, though there is no reason to suspect with proper care and maintenance, you could easily stretch it for much longer. Still, even once it needs to be replaced you’ll still have to drop $50 or so to buy a replacement chassis, that’s made of metal or hard plastic anyways.

Great idea in theory and good for Asus for attempting to solve the problem of wasteful shipping practices, but this doesn’t seem like the most thought out idea.

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