Atlantic Cities

The Atlantic Cities is a new site launched today by the Atlantic. It’s about cities, or as their tagline says, “Places Matter.”

What can you expect from The Atlantic Cities? With this new site, we aim to do four things. First, we want to offer reported features that tell great stories about where cities are today, where they’ve been, and where they’re heading. Second, we want to deliver short, authoritative takes on the latest news and events happening in cities across the globe. Third, we want to gather the smartest thinkers and researchers in urbanism, anchored by the innovative work ofAtlantic senior editor and Atlantic Cities godfather Richard Florida, to facilitate a bigger-picture, ideas-based conversation with our readers. And fourth, we want to use a variety of media, from charts and maps to photos, video and text, to tell these stories.

Love the notion of making “the city” a journalism beat. That’s just a fantastic idea. Fully expect me to link to many of their stories going forward.

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