Bill Simmons on NFL Labor Dispute

The Sports Guy puts things into perspective, using the analogy of him starting his own website business.

Remember the scene in “Shawshank” when Andy tells the warden that he’s done with laundering money for him? The warden’s eyes narrow. He shakes his head. He looks at Andy as dismissively as one human being can regard another.

“Nothing stops,” he says. “Nothing.”

That’s me. I’m the warden. Nothing stops. I will make more money than I did last year, and I will continue to regard employees and readers as disposable pawns. This isn’t about common sense, dignity, relationships, long-term plans, or even preserving the fragile relationship between a customer and a provider. It’s about generating more money in Years 5 through 8 than I made in Years 1 through 4. That’s it. Oh, and steamrolling anyone who gets in my way. I forgot that part.

Now tell me …

Would I make a good NFL owner?

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