Borders Can’t Even Get a Liquidation Sale Right

Not from the Onion:

The investigators at dealnews shopped the aisles of a Borders in New York City before and after the announcement that all remaining Borders stores would be liquidated. Of the 25 items on its shopping list, 19 were cheaper the week before the store posted “everything must go” prices. Five other items were listed at the same price before and after the so-called sale began.

In other words, customers would have been better off buying books like Water for Elephants and Too Big to Fail before Borders announced liquidation sales—the books cost $10.47 and $12.60 before the sale started, and $13.46 and $16.20 afterward, respectively. Other books, like Bossypants and Unbroken, were listed at the same price regardless of the timing ($18.89 and $18.90 respectively).

What’s more, none of these prices are particularly good anyway. Before and since Borders’ liquidation process began, the prices for all of these books have been cheaper at Amazon and Walmart.

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