Boston Has “Style Down Syndrome”

In its “The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America,” GQ Mag described Boston as suffering “from a kind of Style Down Syndrome.” No surprise then, that the magazine named Boston it’s worst dressed city. Dr. Brian Skotko responds in an essay titled, “Mock my pants, not my sister.”

My sister, Kristin, has Down syndrome, and let me explain what “Style Down Syndrome” really is. “Style Down Syndrome” is smiling when everyone else prefers to frown. It’s spending three summers, in sheer determination, learning to ride a bike because you want the freedom to be like everyone else. It’s singing tunes from Grease at the top of your lungs with your friends. It’s celebrating a third-place victory at a swim meet with as much gusto as the gold medalist.

Style Down Syndrome is strong-willed, persevering, and forgiving—because it has to be.

The story gets picked up by The Herald and Fox News Boston and you know it’s conflicting when you agree with the stances of those media outlets. The other thing to consider to, isn’t there only like 40 cities in America worth a damn? Does that make them all the worst dressed? Very confusing! [via mefi]

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