Bullfighting in Barcelona No Mas

The Catalonia region of Spain celebrated the last bullfight with 20,000 spectators, a pair of matador — headlined by Spain’s #1 matador José Tomás — dispatching their bulls in front of a sell-out crowd in Barcelona.

After putting to death their respective bulls in front of a sell-out crowd in the 20,000-seat arena, Mr Tomas, along with another bullfighter Serafin Marin, were carried shoulder high from the ring into the streets by ecstatic fans. Others, meanwhile, invaded the ring to gather some of its sand as a souvenir of the final fight, which follows a vote last year by the Catalan regional Parliament to ban bullfighting.

The regional ban on bullfighting, which was approved last year, officially goes into effect in January. On a related note, after attended a bullfight in Pampelona during the Running of the Bulls festival, I was surprised by how queasy the sport made me feel. I was expected to love it, having been raised on the novels of Hemingway, but my emotional reaction was quite the opposite.

Photos here.

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