Comparing Cloud Services

Dan Sung compares the cloud services from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Dropbox. He compares space, file types, ease of use, cost, music capabilities, devices the cloud services can be accessed on, availability, and offline capabilities.

The answer of where you should put your cloud content is going to be slightly different depending on what you own and what your habits are. If you’re all about the music, then go with either Apple iCloud, Spotify Premium or both. Music Beta is a good option if you’re on Android and happen to live in the States but if you need space for photos and videos too, then you may want to consider Amazon Cloud Drive instead.

The most powerful approach of all, though, is probably to use these things in combination. Use the free 25GB from SkyDrive for your photos, Google for your docs and mail (or perhaps more Windows Live) and Amazon for videos seeing as there’s no file size limit. Dropbox is the one to use for convenience. It’s the best syncing tool of the lot and given that storage on the service isn’t cheap, use it as just that – a tool.

Possibly the best advice of all is to use them all. Use them all up until the point where you have to pay for them. That way you’ll max out your storage and minimise your cost but perhaps use each service for just one type of media. That way you might actually be able to keep track of it all.

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