I’m not really sure what Craigslist-creator, Craig Newmark’s new site, craigconnects, is all about. However, it seems like the threads are there for something truly amazing.

If I had to hazard a guess, it seems like a place to bring non-profits and other organizations together with volunteers or people who have the intention to help them. Or, as Newmark puts it, “please know that this site exists primarily to help me connect and protect worthwhile organizations and efforts in certain specific areas I want to support. craigconnects isn’t a fundraising or grant-making organization.”

He told BoingBoing that he plans to do this website for the next 20 years and that ultimately the aim is to protect “organizations, and the public, from fake organizations that have a good story, but actually end up hurting the people they profess to serve.”

It’s not quite there yet, but the potential is certainly there.

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