Danny Boyle’s “Frankenstein” Looks Ace

So director Danny Boyle has decided to take some time off from directing excellent movies and instead he’s killing time until the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremonies by directing a stage version of Frankenstein. That’s pretty cool as it is, but what makes the play better is that it stars Sherlock Holmes and Sickboy — yes, actors Benedict Cumberbatch (pretty much has the best name on the planet right now) and Johnny Lee Miller will be switching off the roles of the monster and the doctor throughout the show’s London run.

And since you probably won’t be able to see this stage production, Boyle has struck a deal to show it at random theaters across the states. The list of theaters is here (it’s a very odd selection of indie/small theaters). On March 17, viewers will see Cumberbatch as The Creature and Miller as Victor. On the 24th, the roles will be flipped. [via moviefone]

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