Emphasis Now on the Sly

Yesterday, we mentioned the New York Time’s had implemented a deep-linking tool named Emphasis.  Even better, the media company made the code open source for others to implement on their own sites.  We’re trying it out here, thanks to Ben Balter’s WordPress plugin, and if it doesn’t muck up load times or screw with things too much, we think this one is a keeper.

To use Emphasis, just double tap the shift key and highlight anything you like to obtain a specific URL for sentences or paragraphs, etc.  We think this will make bookmarking passages from The Sly Oyster better, as will sharing portions of articles on Twitter.  Now, you no longer have to link to the entire post if the only thing you like is a sentence or paragraph!

Try it out and let us know what you think.  We’re interested in honest feedback.

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