Facebook and Journalism

I still don’t know what to make of some newspaper outlets launching new Facebook apps, which seem to be more than just a publicity landing page or fan interaction portal. These seem to be full-blown publishing models.

The Wall Street Journal launched WSJ Social on Facebook, a new app that features WSJ content filtered through friends you select as editors. Here’s more on launch of WSJ Social by Jeff Bercovici of Forbes. The Guardian and Independent also launched apps, as well as The Washington Post and 33 other European publications.

Truth be told, they don’t seem to have taken off. There’s really no buzz surrounding these Facebook publishing apps in the media world or in everyday conversation. But, it feels like a more robust option for media outlets to have their content on Facebook. Every organization has a Facebook page,which doubles as a fan portal, while also helping to spread content. But most pages are pretty boring, nothing more than a glorified RSS feed. These apps seems to offer media outlets more options.

Could be something to watch develop in the future.

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