“Fuck the fold. And fuck tl;dr. I like scrolling, I like long reads, and I like large (enough) type.”

Andrew Simone throws down the gauntlet on the web’s current state of design and content.

Google ads, tag clouds, and excessive hyperlinks litter the page, forcing  type smaller and smaller just so it can “fit above the fold.” Or, worse, the tl;dr Tumblr crowd who present us with nothing but acontextual photos and clever sentences from the first paragraphs of The New Yorker articles in large, bold, sans-serif type. […]

Thankfully, there are a number of fantastic websites that help the long reader’s cause. Long ReadsLongform, and The Browser rank among my favorites. (They do ethically what HuffPo et al. haven’t, incidentally.) But time and time again these sites send me (and it’s not their fault) to noisy pages, littered with ads and “useful” secondary content or an unstyled, printer-friendly page. So, I am forced to use an app like Readability,  a very elegant side-step to the problem of unreadibility on the web, instead of reading the website itself.

Not sure how content on the web (and the form it’s presented in) got the way it did, but Andrew is really getting at something here. Again, I have no solution and am certainly part of the problem (though we strive not to be), but this was bound to happen with everyone trying to, figuratively, “get theirs.” There’s always a fine line and it seems most places cross it regularly and without much thought.

Consequently, Andrew’s “Just Enough is More” theme for wordpress is quite elegant.

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