Google Resists The Browser “Do Not Track” Flag

Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft have all included a “Do Not Track” flag in their latest web browsers. Though none of them really specify what good this will do people in regards to privacy concerns, it sure feels like a step in the right direction. Google, however, isn’t really down with that idea. Wonder why?

The flip side is that all of this tracking data leads to more tailored adds. Groupon still doesn’t understand what deals I’d like to receive and it’s fairly annoying. Perhaps because they don’t have enough data on me. As long as there aren’t any egregious breaches of my privacy, I don’t see the harm in browser tracking. Perhaps that’s naive or blasé, but tracking just doesn’t feel like a ginormous issue to me. Of course, if someone makes a convincing case otherwise, I’d happily change my position on the matter.

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