Hipmunk Adds Hotel Search

Hipmunk has quickly become the best airline search tool on the internet, simply because it provides what potential airline passengers need. You can search for your ticket via numerous methods, including price, dates/times, number of connections, amount of agony, etc. It’s fairly easy to visualize your options and determine how much you want to pay versus those intangible travel factors.

Now, thankfully, the site has rolled out a hotel search function that operates in a similar manner. After querying you location and travel dates, the site brings up a city map with all the hotels on it. Even better, users have the option for “info overlays that can be put on the map with the click of a button to see which hotel options are close to things like food, nightlife, and, awesomely, vice.” The overlays are nice because it’s possible to get a feel for a city you’ve never been to based on their data clusters for nightlife, food and vice.

Another added bonus, which helps set Hipmunk apart from other similar services is their inclusion of Airbnb, which allows you to rent a room or home from a private residence.

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  • jamesfurbush March 2, 2011, 12:34 pm

    You don't like hipmunk at all? I do like Kayak quite a bit, but I find myself using hipmunk more and more for booking flights. Or at least using the two in conjunction.

  • John March 2, 2011, 12:24 pm

    I was about to try Hipmunk, when my friend pointed out that Kayak is superior in so many ways. Hipmunk doesn't even have any of the helpful features that Kayak does.

    I made sure to save my friends from using the disaster that is Hipmunk!