HuffPo Accused of “Aggregating” Video as Well

CNN Money lays down the convincing charges:

The photo above is from a video embedded in a story on HuffPost about Charla Nash, who was attacked by a chimpanzee in 2008. While the video is from the Today Show, you can see AOL has placed the video in their own player based on the “AOL” bug in the lower right.

Rather than embed the video from The Today Show, Armstrong, Huffington & Co. are ripping it straight from the TV, cutting the important parts, and placing it in their own player so the streams & ad views count for AOL (who really seems to need it, since the stock has hit record lows lately).

Here’s the giant splash page NBC created for the story, complete with an embed code for the video. You know, in case anyone wanted to share the story on their own news site/blog and give credit to the creator.

It’s one thing to rewrite or over-aggregate, it’s another thing entirely to steal someone’s video, recut it and put it on your own video player when an embed code is available. That’s just despicable. Love that CNN is pointing this out on behalf of NBC.

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