Introducing Headlines That Suck

Headlines That Suck promises to be a nice compendium of user-submitted media headlines, that well, suck. It’s a little bit like Fark and Reddit, but something else entirely.

HTS exists because in this crazy, mixed-up world of link-baiting, pay-per-click media madness, far too many headlines make you wonder how they actually got published. From the pun-tastic (“Libya Ferrets Out Gadhafi’s Taint”) to the so wrong (“Man wins dumpling eating contest, then dies”) to the so wrong because it IS wrong (“Farm Bureau estimates crap damage at $207 million”) to the super-insightful (“Romney Doubts Perry Can Win”), HTS wants the best of the worst from you.

Brought to you by the fine folks at HyperVocal. I imagine this will go over well with newspaper copy-editors and other people who enjoy a certain sort of schadenfreude.

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