Introducing The Verge

Josh Topolsky, former editor of Engadget and current editor of This Is My Next, has finally revealed the name of the new tech site he’ll be launching in partnership with SB Nation. It’s called The Verge, and it opens this fall.

Why The Verge, you ask? Well put simply, I don’t think a single idea better defines the news we cover or the way we cover it. Everything that we think about, talk about, and dream about is on the brink, the cutting edge… the verge. Even when we’re looking at or reviewing familiar products, our angle is not just about what that technology means now, but what it means up ahead. Our goal is to communicate what the complex and sometimes confusing roadmap for the future looks like in understandable, approachable ways. We want everyone to know and love technology the way we do, and we’re working hard every day to make that possible.

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