Is Yahoo Hulu’s Mystery Suitor?

News broke this afternoon that a mysterious suitor had approached Hulu about a purchase offer. Except nobody knew who it was. But one thing that was clear was that Hulu was seriously considering the offer. Unfortunately, late in the day, the LA Times reported that it was Yahoo that was the mysterious suitor.

Fuck. No. The only thing Yahoo knows how to do is purchase companies and suck everything that is great from their soul and let them wither on the vine until there is nothing left but a rotting corpse. Just ask Delicious and Flikr how their Yahoo acquisition is working out for them.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, a million times if Hulu accepts their offer.

Here’s the promising bit though about the LA Times’ report — there doesn’t seem to be any basis for it.

On the one hand: “Yahoo Inc. recently approached Hulu to discuss a possible acquisition of the popular online video service, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.”

On the other: “It is not known whether the offer came from Yahoo or another entity. Spokespersons for Yahoo, Hulu, News Corp. and Comcast declined to comment. A spokeswoman for Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.  Hulu’s board of directors has not met to consider any offers, a person close to the board said.”

But again, any company can buy Hulu as long as it isn’t Yahoo.

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