Kristen Schaal Clarifies Rape and Rape with Benefits for Us

Speaker of the House John Boehner is attempting to redefine the word “rape” because he doesn’t like abortions and he doesn’t think a woman should be allowed to have the medical procedure — even if the pregnancy results from rape. As Boehner images it, only women who succumb to “forcible rape” would be allowed the termination procedure. Never mind that approximately 70 percent of rape cases don’t fall under a “forcible rape” designation.  It’s fairly upsetting development, and didn’t really make the news all that much, because Egypt.

Last night on The Daily Show, Kristen Schaal decided to clear up the confusion.

She explains that violent, “forcible rape” is “rape-rape,” while other forms of rape are merely “rape-ish” or even “rape with benefits.”

I’m not usually one to promote the laughs which hinge on sexual violence, but in this case, Schaal really skewers how ridiculous and vile Boehner’s actions are.

Laugh for but a moment, become angry at Boehner and his ilk for another, but then make sure this doesn’t happen by calling your Senators, Congressmen and supporting women’s health initiatives.

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