You’ll have to forgive me for the slow start to the day. It’s Monday and I’m dragging ass.  Big time.

1. Actress Marion Cotillard is rumored to land a role in The Dark Knight Rises. Perhaps she’ll play Talia Ghul.

2. I really want beer marshmallows to be a thing.

3. Sure, why not? “At this, the first few weeks of the 10th season of “American Idol” have proved, Steven Tyler is an unalloyed genius.”

4. Did you watch the Grammys? Did you not care? Watch all of the performances here. The Dylan/Mumford/Avetts is worth watching just to verify Dylan is still alive. Lady Gaga birthed herself from an egg, etc.

5. Finally, here’s the trailer for “Left Behind for Libertarians” aka “Atlas Shrugged.”  I also shrugged from indifference.

6. Here’s an adorable set of photos of a newborn polar bear. That will help you ease into Monday.

7. Yes, the Christian Wrestling Federation is a real thing. It should also be a sitcom. The unintentional lulz.

8. I have no idea what happened to Serene Benson during her coverage of the Grammys. It’s weird, horrible and funny? But, she was taken to the hospital for tests after this incident.

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