Links: Klepto Cat, Voltron, and TED

1.IFC gets a new logo. Don’t really have an opinion because I don’t know what their old logo looked like.  Seems maybe they are trying to build on the success of Portlandia and try to catapult themselves up a level.

2. “In the past three years, they figure Dusty has stolen about 600 items. He is not choosy; he will take anything that is not locked down. “Towels, gloves, shoes, socks, little toys, children’s toys,” Chu said, listing some of the items that have turned up in their home. Dusty’s MO is always the same. He leaves home at night and returns with his loot in the early morning.”

3. CBS News’s Lara Logan suffered “a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating” while covering the protests in Egypt. She was rescued by a group of 20 Egyptian women.

4. I’m not sure what’s bigger news: that there will be a Voltron video game (by THQ, unfortch) or that Nickelodeon is airing a new version of the show, Voltron: Force in the fall.

5. TED is launching a discussion platform on its website.

“TED Conversations” will be a question and answer forum similar to Stack Overflow or Quora, but with a few important differences. Conversations will take three forums: questions, ideas and debates. They’ll also be assigned an expiration date between one day and two weeks from their start. (TED conference presentations also have time restrictions of 18 minutes.) Both of these features are intended to encourage thoughtful conversation and participation by leaders with tight schedules.

6. And yes, the Criterion Collection is coming to Hulu … Plus. Argh. But perhaps, more importantly is a new Twitter account that alerts users to expiring “watch instantly” movies.

7. Comedy Central has announced its first Comedy Awards.

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