Links: Luther Campbell Running for Mayor, the Irish Economic Collapse, a New Dating Site for Music Nerds, and the One Person Who Hates Mad Men

1. Michael Lewis’s new piece in Vanity Fair, about the economic collapse in Ireland, is another great read.  It’s long, but engaging. Yes, it’s chock full of interesting facts and compelling anecdotes. And yes, the message is the same as every other piece of journalism out of the economic collapse — that financial people can’t be trusted to have anything other than their own profit motive in play.

2. The internet hoax of Orson Welles directing a Batman film in the 1940’s was a delicious prank on the part of Mark Millar in 2003.  But one YouTuber took that hoax and mashed together what Welles’s Bat-man movie could have looked like by splicing together clips from movies of that era.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

3. Daniel Mendelsohn might be the only person out there who hates AMC’s Mad Men. So, he’s taken the time to write a really long diatribe.  Print it out for a bathroom break or the commute home.

The writing is extremely weak, the plotting haphazard and often preposterous, the characterizations shallow and sometimes incoherent; its attitude toward the past is glib and its self-positioning in the present is unattractively smug; the acting is, almost without exception, bland and sometimes amateurish.

4. Wow, Luther Campbell, former member of 2 Live Crew, really is running for mayor of Miami.  “Even though all my stripper friends are gonna be mad at me, I think we can stimulate the economy with a tax on strippers. They make all this money and don’t pay taxes. I’d take that cash and put it into a fund where it supports youth athletics for girls like cheerleading or softball. Or it can go to help pay for existing little girls programs that are struggling to get government assistance.” Sure, why not?

5. Tastebuds is a new dating service that matches you up with people of similar music disposition.  You enter a few bands you like and it spits out a list of people you should be matched up with. Genius idea. Turns out, just for the heck of it, there are lots of young women from Brooklyn, Portland, Minneapolis and Louisville, all wearing ironic mustaches in their profile pics I should be dating. I guess I should just realize I’m a G-D hipster and get on with my life. I found their mustaches to be quirky and agreeable. [via]

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