A bunch of stuff to clear out, that’s interesting to note, but not so interesting that I’m clamoring to dig into.

1. There’s a new play about the life and death of Chris Farley, The Fatman Cometh – The Life and Death of Chris Farley, which will receive a private industry reading Feb. 28 in Manhattan.  Fuck. That.

2. Mozilla plans to release versions 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Firefox in 2011.  Considering I’ve been using the Firefox 4 beta (now on it’s tenth version!) for a year now, I don’t see this happening.  Planning and shipping are two very different things.

3. “Rather than learning from or trying to emulate HuffPo’s hugely valuable editorial technology, then, the NYT is sticking its head in the sand and retreating to a defensive stance of trying to make as much money as possible from its core loyal readers. There’s no growth in such a strategy. Indeed, the opposite is true: the NYT is making it both hard and expensive to become a core loyal reader. Meanwhile, the open web will become ever more accessible and social, with friends pointing friends to news in a site-agnostic manner. The NYT is distancing itself from that conversation, standing proud and aloof. It’s a strategy which is doomed to fail.” I get where Felix Salmon is coming from, but I’m not sure I abide.

4. I love the story of Yo La Tengo performing an episode of Seinfeld at a recent concert.

5. I don’t particularly care for Mashable (personal preference, nothing against them) and their content overload strategy, but their new version of the site, which takes curation to another level is fascinating.

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