Looking Back at Gawker Designs of Yore

In light of the much maligned Gawker Media design that was rolled out to all their blogs last week, Jason Kottke, who helped design the first iteration of the site, looks back at some old designs.

The first design Kottke sent to Nick Denton didn’t go over too well, but the second design, was pretty close to the design which went live in 2002. And incredibly, the second logo Kottke created, which was “dashed off in Photoshop in like 30 minutes” is still in use by the site today. The first design is on the left, the second design on the right.

Kottke also shows us the first design for Gizmodo, the company’s tech blog, which was launched several months before Gawker and was designed by Ben and Mena Trott — the duo who created Movable Type.

All three of these designs are better than what the company has now, even if the sites have outgrown the blog format.

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