Lunch Links

1. Jim Naughtie’s current three-part history of the King James Bible is a wonderful piece of literary and religious journalism.

2. Rob pretty much nails the first picture of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man movie: “I absolutely refuse to believe he can get a Spider-Man mask over his head with that ridiculous mop, and I say this as someone who’s already willing to believe that a radioactive spider bite can give someone spider powers. Seriously. My suspension of disbelief can handle spider superpowers, but not his fucking hair. Get a haircut, sir!”

3. The first footage of Outcasts, a new space opera from the BBC, looks promising. The show follows a group of Earth survivors attempting to start a new human colony after the apocalypse.  It stars Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica.  [via]

4. “With his NBA career over, his marriage in trouble, and rumors swirling about drinking and money problems, the greatest Sixer of his era finds himself playing minor-league basketball in Turkey and spending his nights at a T.G.I. Friday’s in Istanbul. Isn’t it, weirdly, exactly how we always thought it would end for Allen Iverson?”  [via]

5. Great news! Ted Williams, the man with the radio voice, has just been offered a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a free house.  Perfect ending for the story.

6. Another great piece of writing from the Good Man Project: “But I’m tired of seeing men and women buy into the lie that male sexuality is inherently violent and sadistic. My experience as sex worker has taught me the opposite.”

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