Lunch Links

1. Weird.  TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek has joined Jane’s Addiction.

2. The Way Out of Afghanistan: “Thus the key question for General Petraeus is not how many Taliban he kills, but whether the bare bones of an Afghan state—army, police, bureaucracy—which have been neglected so badly in the past nine years, can be set up by 2014. Moreover, can Afghan leaders, including the President, win the trust of a people who have put up with insecurity, gross corruption, and poor governance for many years?”  [via]

3. There’s something both freaky and cool about this photo set of the Swedish subway system.  It looks like a womb designed by David Lynch and Michel Gondry.

4. Sure, why not: An Andy Warhol papercraft toy. [via]

5. James Franco plans to adapt a Faulkner novel and a Cormac McCarthy novel, from self-penned screenplays, at some point this year.  Dude needs to take a vacation.

6. I fully support the efforts of the Susan G. Komen foundation (read our interview with a breast cancer survivor), but will readily admit their effort to sue other fundraising charities that use the phrase “for a cure” is a giant waste of money, that you know, could be used for breast cancer research.

7. Women laughing alone with salad is missing the upbeat music and product push for tampons, douching, medicinal anti-perspirant, or herpes medication. The gallery is a bit unnerving, no?

8. It’s official: The next computer I buy will probably have an AMD chip in it, rather than Intel.

9. A 10-year-old Canadian girl is the youngest person to discover a supernova.

10. Jason Segel talks about his upcoming Muppets project in this USA Today interview.  “He’s not shy to say that he actually cried during the first table read with Kermit, arguably the most famous creation of the late Jim Henson. “We had to stop and take a two-minute break because Segel lost his (composure) for a minute. And then I got a little worked up at a photo shoot,” Segel admits.”

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