Magazines and Tumblr

When magazines do tumblr right, it makes for a fairly impressive platform. It’s something I could never figure out how to incorporate a tumblr and a blog at the same time, much like what Laughing Squid (blog/tumblr) does.

It hasn’t been a huge traffic driver for us but it has been, I think, key in bringing new people to Mother Jones as an organization and as a brand. It’s such a young audience overall and it’s a different demographic from our usual website reader or magazine reader,” Laura McClure, who helps run the publication’s site, says.

“I don’t know that it’s driving subscriptions but it is driving buzz, which I think in turn drives subscriptions. It’s been a bit of a Rube Goldberg machine for us.”

The Atlantic‘s Jared Keller believes the Tumblr he oversees helps bring a new type of reader to the print product.

“Our Tumblr readership skews a little bit younger [than on our regular site],” he says. “It’s been a really useful tool for introducing the magazine to college students, the people who may not necessarily know of The Atlantic or may think of it as something they found on their parents’ coffee table a couple of years ago.”

GQ senior editor Devin Gordon credits the well-liked microblog he runs with helping show the magazine goes beyond fashion. He points out impressive features in the latest print product and highlights great essays.

Of the magazine tumblr’s that are out there, GQ is certainly ahead of the pack, but also Mother Jones and The Atlantic do it right too.

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