Morning Links

1. Americans watch an average of 34 hours of television per person per week.  Holy. Shit. Balls. I’m probably clocking an average of 15 or 20 (ha, more like 30) and hate myself because I know I watch too much television, but then I find myself lazily watching some shit show I don’t care about, but tv is easy.  If we’re being honest with ourselves this morning.

2. The Awl counts down “the 10 most wonderful internet videos” and yes, they will make you feel good about humanity, which will offset the disgusting feeling you have about yourself from watching too much tv.  I’m not pretending it makes sense.

3. Yeah, sure, Facebook is valued at $50billion, but Apple is valued at $300billion.  So suck on that Zuckerberg.

4. 2012 was named the most absurd film by NASA.  Somewhere Michael Bay is hatching a plan for his next movie.

5. Here’s a list of works that could have entered the public domain on January 1, 2011 if the copyright laws of 1978 weren’t in effect.  [via]

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