Morning Links

A few things to get us started today, yeah?

1. For my cousin Beth, who for some reason, tries to get me to watch The Jersey Shore.  Not gonna happen.  But. Popeater has read Snooki’s book and published some excerpts from it.  So now we can all feel a little bit better about our lives, mkay?

2. Jonah Lehrer on the importance of vacation: “One of the great luxuries of the 21st century is vacation without e-mail. If I had to choose between a pampered resort with constant internet access or a dowdy motel without any cellphone service, I’d go for the motel every time. There is something truly decadent about turning off e-mail, quitting Twitter, signing off Facebook and going to the beach. The first few hours are a bit bumpy — I hallucinate the ping, ping, ping of my inbox — but I eventually get over the anxiety of my digital disconnectedness. And then I begin to enjoy it.”

3. Here are five overlooked energy stories that could impact 2011.

4. “John Maloof purchased a box filled with 30,000 negatives from an estate sale for $400. After being stunned by the quality of the street photographs, Maloof began digging and discovered that they were created by a nanny and street photographer named Vivian Maier. He then decided to purchase the other boxes of negatives, bringing his collection of Maier photos up to about 100,000 images. Now some are saying he might have discovered one of the greatest (and previously unknown) street photographers of the 20th century.”  [via]

5. I’m not arguing politicians should be, um, intelligent.  Fuck I can’t even say that with a straight face.  Is it too much to ask that if a politician or say, the potential head of the Republican National Committee, is making decisions impacting my life that they be a little bit smart.  Or educated.  Case in point:

Whether it’s the dingbat woman dreaming of getting wasted at her kitchen table again or the lunkhead who just keeps barking “Reagan! Reagan!” when asked if he has ever read a book, all five of these mouth-breathing imbeciles are perfect representatives of America’s Political Elite, circa 2011.

At least one of them said To Kill a Mockingbird… they should’ve just called the debate over and declared that person the winner by default.

6. Submissions for the 2011 PDX Pop Now! compilation album are beginning.  So if you’re a Portland band, you know what to do.

[photo via dangerous minds]

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  • Mommafards February 12, 2011, 8:56 am

    Lol, wow, how authentic do they want their defleopard band to be ????