Morning Links

Just a few things to clear off the plate…

1. Katie Sackhoff is perfect for the role of Det. Deena Pilgrim if FX really does go through with a television adaptation of Brian Bendis’s Powers.

2. Thus Muhammed Ali sculpture, made from 1300 speedbags, is confusing. One the one hand it’s a sweet idea. On the other, it only kinda looks like “The Greatest.” [via]

3. Winning! Duh. Like Tiger blood and Adonis DNA, Charlie Sheen has decided to continue is run of awesome on Twitter. He’s only been on for a day or two and despite only 12 tweets, he now has 754,000 followers. Strafing runs bro.

4. Look at this: “Google’s philanthropic spending spree has just dropped another $2.7 million to fund innovative uses of journalism in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. After all, Google and YouTube have been a lens through which citizen journalists focused the world’s attention on the Middle East revolutions and natural disasters that have dominated the news cycle (at least until Oscars weekend).”  Fast Company looks at five companies deserving of the prize.

5. In defense of James Franco’s Oscar hosting duties? “Indeed, by approaching his hosting stint with the same detached listlessness that many of us pretend to have about the Academy Awards themselves, Franco has inadvertently stumbled upon a revelation: We do care. The Oscars do matter. Maybe the awards don’t. And maybe to many the movies don’t, either. But when it comes to sitting for four hours in front of the television to watch a “self-congratulatory circle jerk,” we care more than many of us are willing to let on, enough to get outraged when the host shits on the Oscars. That’s our job, and that motherfucker James Franco took all the fun out of it.” [via]

6. Apparently, everyone is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

7. I’m really digging the new hard-boiled webseries, Aidan5, about a detective that must solve the murder of his clones. Loving the animated/stylized backgrounds.

8. Finally, you make better decisions when you hold your bladder. Usually, these better choices include things like going to the bathroom. And murder. But generally just golden showers.

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