NBC Universal’s New Logo

The big thing to note immediately is that NBC is still keeping their famous Peacock logo for the network and news, etc. The logo change here is just for the corporate company NBC Universal.

New Logo

For starters, this isn’t much of a logo.  The font and typography is nice (does anyone know what it is?), but it’s just set on  purple background. Compare that with their old logo.

Old Logo

“I sat here for quite some time, thinking that I might try to write a list of Ten Things This New Logo Says To Me. But then I thought, at least nine of them would be, ‘We Give Up,'” writes Linda Holmes over at NPR.  And yes, that’s pretty much their new logo in a nutshell. [via tvnewser]

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  • Scott January 28, 2011, 11:22 am

    I work at Comcast which is now NBCUniversal. Yesterday we had a massive company meeting with satellite feeds from London, NY, Philly and here in LA. It was pretty cool. Brian Williams, Seth Meyers and Seacrest made appearances at different locations. They explained the logo had to change and lose the famous peacock. Comcast brings in a ton of new networks it’s unfair to just sport the NBC or Universal logos. It had to be all encompassing and this is what they came up with. Still it’s a pretty weak effort in my mind.